Textile Facades

Mosaned Partner, ONART, is the oldest company in Turkish membrane business sector. It  collaborates with Catalonia Technical University, Barcelona and is a Member of Institute of Membrane and Shell Technologies, Germany.

ONART is the first fabricator in Turkey using High Frequency technology, also the first in design, fabrication of the first pneumatic ETFE project in Turkey.

ONART is the first fabricator in Turkey using PTFE material. It is the Member of TensiNet organization.

3 ONART projects are selected in “Fine Fabric” book by Braun Verlag.

It is the worldwide distributor of WinTess software for membrane structures.

ONART confirms to Quality certification ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001.

It has been known for Non-malfunctioned structures for 23 years.


ONART Textile façades support energy efficiency by providing protection from the Sun and wind. Using a mesh or regular membrane, it enriches visual impact of buildings as well as provides privacy.

The material used is PVC coated Polyester, PTFE coated Glass fiber

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