Space frame

Mosaned Space Frame

Established a few years back, Mosaned has evolved as a Saudi company of Space Frame from offering maintenance services to well-known companies like Aramco and Sabic to be one of the well-established material supplier and turnkey projects providers, which boosted its positioning in the booming Construction field.

Mosaned specializes in long-span, column-free and small to large-volume space frame structures for industrial or architectural applications.

Mosaned space frame system, with its steel bars and nodes, not only distributes loads more efficiently but also provides an elegant interior that can span up to 100 m in a flat space frame or 300 m in a curved configuration.

Our projects include schools, public buildings, transportation structures, museums, corporate office buildings and beyond.

Mosaned structures are 100% prefabricated, with easily assembled mechanical connections. The connection between tubes is mechanical and efficient and requires no welding. The connector itself is a full-body steel node hub. The tubes are screwed and fastened at their ends to this node element. All the elements are produced either galvanized, painted or of stainless material as per customer needs.

Our structural system offers numerous benefits, including lightweight, low foundation cost, cost efficiency, less construction time, error-free construction and ease of assembly. Our projects can vary from simple flat structures to domes and heavily curved spans.

If you have any project at hand or in mind in which we can help, we would be glad to assist you.  Please send all respective information such as the location of the project, dimensions, structure and cladding specifications. Also please forward CAD drawings so we can provide you with a budgetary quotation, and then we can discuss the representation and final costs. We would be glad to assist you in every stage of your Project.

The System comprises 4 main elements namely:

  1. Tubular members with welded endplates.
  2. Bolts and ball bearings.
  3. Inner plates.
  4. Ball joints.

Advantages Of Space Frame

The Main Advantages Of Space Frame Structure are given Below:

Cost and Time Saving in Installation:

Mosaned Space frame is a prefabricated system in the true sense of the word. There will not be a need for any additional work at the site including the last layer of paint.

The system is erected by fixing the members according to the design with the help of bolts. Since these members are fabricated in an automatic system, the installation time is reduced considerably

High Protection against Corrosion:

Mosaned Space Frame members are either painted, galvanized or made of stainless steel. As the parts are handy and of small pieces, full automation is used in galvanizing, surface treatment and painting processes. This results in error-free, high quality and long-life corrosion protection

  Large Versatility in Shapes for Architects:

Classical steel structures can cross large spans in one direction but space frames can cross large spans in both directions.

It is possible to design all kinds of prismatic, cylindrical, spherical and horizontal and vertical geometric shapes with space frames. With this advantage, it is possible to integrate space frames in the architectural designs of various building types.

Great Aesthetic Value:

Mosaned Space frame structures can be cladded with sandwich panels, acrylic, polycarbonate or glass glazing and will present a very modern and aesthetic view from both indoors and outdoors.

Diverse Applications:

Various structures can be designed using Mosaned Space Frames. They are especially ideal and economic for wide spans such as, aircraft hangars, factories, warehouses, conference halls, sports halls, shopping centers, showrooms, telecommunication towers, domes, walkways, pedestrian overpasses, industrial buildings, swimming pools, resort centers, car parks, shades, canopies and many others

Differnt Types Of  Space Frame:

There are three main Types of Space Frame which are explained below in details:

Mild Steel Pipes Space Frame

All of our pipes are made from All Steel Tube with a minimum yield strength of 240 N/mm2. 2) The ball joints, hexagonal nuts, and inner plates are made of Steel Grade C45, which has a minimum yield strength of 360 N/mm2. End plates are made from solid round steel plates and welded to both ends of the tubular pipe to make sure the quality stays the same. The part that goes between the pipes and the ball joints is held in place with bolts. In the proposal, the requirements for Grade 10.9 bolts are laid out. The fourth step is to put a BallBearing between the Hexnut and the Bolt. This is a very strong chrome-nickel steel. Fifth, the pipes are galvanised by being dipped in hot zinc, and then they get two coats of epoxy spray paint. The pieces have been painted and electrogalvanized, so they are ready to use. Sixth, the design was in line with BS 5950.

Aluminium Space Frame

  • Extruded pipes made of aluminium alloy 6061T6 (or a similar alloy) with a minimum yield strength of 195 N/mm2.
  • Hexagonal nuts and end plates for ball joints are made of Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6 or another material with the same mechanical properties (Nodes). End Plates are screwed into Pipes (No welding allowed)
  • The design standards say that bolts must be at least grade 10.9 steel. The bolt that holds it together is hidden. These nuts with six sides will not be drilled.
  • Four, BS 8118 must be followed when doing structural analysis. (Aluminum structural usage)
  • The requirements for loading are in line with the current British Standards. 5.
  • There are no holes for bolts in the pipe for number six.
  • Parts of the space frame are made of powder-coated aluminium.

Stainless Steel Space Frame

  • Grade 316 stainless steel pipe
  • Ball joints, hexagonal nuts, and end plates are all made of grade 316 stainless steel.
  • Galvanised steel bolts The plan calls for bolts of Grade 10.9.
  • All of the parts are made with CNC machining (CNC)
  • The polished metal stays shiny like a mirror or satin all the way through all the members and nodes.


The space frame is not a totally new way to build a building, but it does have its own uses and some benefits. Even though it’s hard to imagine a space frame being used for something as ordinary as a house, this is one of the main benefits of space frames: they give architects more freedom in how they think of and design their projects.

Another important benefit is how easy it is to make. If you work with a company like Levstal, you can order space frame elements in small or large quantities. Levstal has a large fabrication capacity and uses state-of-the-art machinery to make tubes, joints, and other similar parts in large quantities.