National Industrialization Company (Tasnee), Saudi Arabia’s first joint-stock industrial company fully owned by the private sector. Established in 1985, Tasnee has a wide range of interests in petrochemicals, chemicals, plastics, and metals manufacturing, industrial services and environmental technologies.

Today, we are recognis as one of the largest industrial and petrochemical enterprises in Saudi Arabia, as well as one of the most significant investor in the titanium value chain, both domestically and global. This is due to our extensive expertise, know-how, efficiency, cutting-edge technology, and innovative solutions.

Sustainable business practise that prioritise environmental preservation, worker health and safety, social responsibility, and strong corporate. Governance are critical if we want our company vision and goal to be realise across all of our companies.


Mosaned specializes in long–span, column-free and small to large volume space frame structures for industrial or architectural applications.

Mosaned space frame system, with its steel bars and nodes, not only distributes loads more efficiently. But also provides an elegant interior that can span up to 100 m in a flat space frame or 300 m in a curved configuration.

Their projects include schools, public buildings, transportation structures, museums, corporate office buildings, and beyond.

Especially, Mosaned structures are 100% prefabricate, with easy assemble mechanical connections. Because The connection between tubes is mechanical and efficient and requires no welding. Also, The connector itself is a full-body steel node hub. Moreover The tubes are screw and fasten at their ends to this node element. All the elements are produce either galvaniz, paint, or of stainless material as per customer needs.

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