Roof Erection Service in Riyadh

Roof Erection Service in Riyadh. Storage And Installation Steps to protect pre-coated metal sheets against moisture before installation are important to prevent rusting (oxidation) of the metal substrate. When metal sheets, which are stracked closely together or coil material, are Exposed to moisture and heat, Oxidation or rusting of the metal substrate can begin. Moreover, On galvanized steel Substrates, the normal sacrificial reaction of the zinc coating will occur, forming a white powder. This type of oxidation can occur beneath the paint film.

Roof Erection Service in Riyadh

Take the following steps to control oxidation damage during storage

  • Minimize exterior storage time at the job site whenever possible
  • Position cover panel and slanted bundles of metal sheets to insure proper drainage of Rainwater or condensed water vapor. Eliminate sagging when moisture could collect and pool. Remove outer wrapping to prevent moisture from condensing in panel bundles.
  • Don’t use moisture-trapping plastic tarpaulins to cover panels or coils.
  • Reduce temperature build-up by protecting bumbles or coils from direct sunlight exposure. Proper handling and stacking during transit can help prevent abrasion damage. A common Cause of abrasion damage, which can easily be avoide, is the dragging of whole sheets, edges Or corners of metal panels against other panels installation. If both the paint and Galvanize coating are cut through, red rusting will be retarde by the sacrificial action of the zinc Coating, but enough damage to the surface appearance can still occur to make a touch-up Operation necessary.

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