Mosaned group is in the business of  Space Frame (Complete Solution), Mechanical maintenance, steel works and trading. Mosaned head office is in Riyadh and branch office is in Jubail Industrial City.

The Mosaned for Industrial services was formed in 2008 and grown its business strength to strength. The company was initially formed to provide Valve and Pump repair services to Power & Energy industry. However, in keeping with the ever increasing demand for diverse services within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the company progressively expanded over the years and now includes various Divisions which for contracting and trading purposes come under the umbrella of ‘The Mosaned Group’ .

We are offering you following services:

Mosaned Space Frame

We are specializes in long – span, column – free and large volume space frame structures for industrial or architectural applications. Our  exclusive space frame system, with its steel bars and nodes, not only distributes loads more efficiently but also provides an elegant interior that can span up to 100 m in a flat space frame or 300 m in a curved configuration.

Our projects include schools, public buildings, transportation structures, museums, corporate office buildings and beyond. We design, engineer, fabricate, deliver, and install entrance canopies, roof support systems, atrium structures, toll/highway canopies, solar panel support structures, test resolution structures, pergolas and sunshades.

Mosaned’s structures are 100% prefabricated, with easy assembled mechanical connections. The connection between tubes are mechanical and efficient and requires no welding. The connector itself is a full-body steel node hub. The tubes are screwed and fastened at their ends to this node element. Our hub connection system is only used for steel and aluminum elements. All the elements are produced either galvanized, painted or of stainless material as per customer needs.

Mosaned for Industrial Services

MOSANED FOR INDUSTRIAL SERVICES is one of the best options in the industrial services as it has the capability, experience and facilities which meet customer expectation.

Mosaned is  intense to  have a fully equipped workshop with excellent testing equipment to Maintain an innovative, flexible and above all professional approach to the management, maintenance and repair of our customers’ assets, from highly specialized Rotary Feeders and Diverter Valves to Multi-Stage Vertical Slump Pumps, and  process equipment.  We are in process to establish a complete mechanical shops staffed with highly experienced mechanics with years of experience and  highly skilled QA/QC personnel that ensure quality of repair work.  We would use the latest procedures that are essential in property repairing, modifying or re-manufacturing all types of process valves.

Mosaned’s Trading

Safety Gears

Mosaned aims to be customer’s first choice to safeguard from hazardous fires and its environment by offering newly developed and latest technology products from respected manufacturer with high quality and reliability.
Whatever are the  requirements in fire protection in any commercial or industrial setting, from banks and supermarkets to shopping malls tankers to internet server’s oil platforms and refineries are reassured that we will have the right solution. By choosing us you can be sure that your choice will always be the right one. Product approved of LPCB, EN, NFPA, UL and CE for most of its items.

Mosaned Labeling System

Our Labeling printer prints high quality labels quickly and reliably.  It user-friendly design, high speed and exceptional versatility make it ideal for pipe marking and host of other industrial applications.  Plus, an unrivalled selection of labeling supplies means that whatever your facility’s needs our printers are likely to offer just the solution you are looking for.

Mosaned Playground:

High Quality Production– Priority is give in the production process to ensure that all materials selected in the production phase are in conformity with standards and that each and every material from selection of raw materials to paint chemicals have superior quality in terms of safety and robustness.  Combining different colors, materials and whimsical structures will bring playground to life in the eye of every child in the entire Kingdom and with the most affordable, low prices with high quality playground equipment on the market.

Functionality and Esthetics – Visual and functional compliance of the products to be produced with the environment is important for Mosaned in the design and production process. With the forms follows function concept our design team conceive products. Periodical maintenance is realized so as to ensure that parks, assembly by a specialist team, remain new and functional at all times ,to maintain said features. In summary; we would like toss hare the feeling of trust and quality that we feel when see our own children play and have fun with safety at the parks that we produce or when we see a trash can or bench with Mosaned brand in the most beautiful areas of the city. We take care children seriously And we respect them. In cooperation with great playground maker.