Standing Seam Cladding

Mosaned Partner, ESKA Metal is docked as Titanium Zinc Roofing experts. Since 2003, ESKA offers industrial buildings, roof cladding and insulation. Since 2005, it has expanded its regional service network, nationwide in Turkey.

ESKA offers the Roof Facade application in its work to be able to offer its customers faster and more quality solutions. Offering economical products, Gaziantep, Turkey 3, organized industrial zone with a covered area of 3,500 sqm for the new insulation factory  and serving leading companies such as the Ondüline a powerful brand of Sika Mardav, dealership.

ESKA offers services to Turkey in general and to neighboring countries; The roof and wall coverings are manufactured using modern systems for every need. Trapeze by Rollforming Machine, Trapeze Clamp Machine, Flat Metal clamp Machine, the Tape System by Rollforming machine, Clamp Radius Machine, cut-to-length line, Z Profile line, CNC folding machines in our factory to improve the quality of our service which includes , except the 35-ton mobile crane, hydraulic scissor lift scaffold, and a telehandler.

ESKA is supported with 12 technical staff, 22 administrative staff with 9 years of experience  and with over all 180 employees who work for the construction of industrial structures, reflecting their roof cladding and insulation industry experience and continue their service, safely and surely.

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