Repairing valves and pumps  is cost effective and time saving activity instead of replacement . For example, repair costs run to 5 – 35 % of the procurement price of replacement. It is too expensive to keep capital tied up in maintaining stocks of all replacements. The delivery times for replacement  can be extremely long, causing major expensive production problems.

In light of above facts, Mosaned is providing excellent testing services to Maintain an innovative, flexible and above all professional approach to the management, maintenance and repair of our customers’ assets, from highly specialized Rotary Feeders and Diverter Valves to Multi-Stage Vertical Slump Pumps, and  process equipment.  We are in process to establish a complete mechanical shops staffed with highly experienced mechanics with years of experience and  highly skilled QA/QC personnel that ensure quality of repair work.  We are using the latest procedures that are essential in property repairing, modifying or re-manufacturing all types of process valves.