Mosaned’s vision is to be a professional leader in space frame industry.


At  Mosaned we are passionate to deliver quality, efficient and economic solutions by maintaining a transparent policy with our valuable clients. We have the highest level of integrity and decency and together with our honorable core values we implement precise judgment on every decision we make. It’s our interest to perform beyond expectations to reward our clients and reap the mutual benefits of business.



Mosaned is proud to have as a company requirement the highest level of mortality & integrity. We believe in mutual trust in every decision we make. We work together with strong input from our clients delivering a clear strength of professionalism.


Mosaned work with you in an open & accountable manner. We communicate with a transparent freedom to share and provide general information to our clients, associates & staff.

Respect & Team work

Mosaned is a diverse group but we work as one team. We deeply respect each other’s ideas & both share & communicate them to come to an integrated solution. We learn to be principle-driven yet learn to compromise to ensure Mosaned and its clients achieve the final goal.


Mosaned is proud to maintain a record of dependability & reliability; we perform tasks to expected standards and deliver them within the set time frame & pride of ourselves on meeting those demands ahead of schedule.


Mosaned is result driven & focused. We employ high quality people who consistently deliver outstanding results. We are a highly innovative business where entrepreneurship is encouraged & valued. People who are eager to challenges will thrive in this environment.


Mosaned encourages bold thinking & commercial drive. We allow the daring ideas to thrive and value the passion that people bring in turning ideas into great execution. We ensure our commitment to the institutions, by leaving behind something better than what was handed over to us.


We take personal responsibility in all our areas, delivering accountability and take the initiative in doing what is needed. Our people are given the latitude to do what they think is right within a framework for success. Leaders at all levels of the Mosaned believe this attitude will be developed to further ensure the sustainability of the business.