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Every house needs to be set in a lush, green area. Because of changes in the flooring industry, artificial turf is quickly becoming more popular than real grass for yards and gardens. We have been making and selling high-quality, low-cost fake grass in Dubai for a long time. We are the main company in the United Arab Emirates that sells fake grass.

Grass carpets can be used almost anywhere, like in a yard, garden, on a balcony, or as a play area for kids. We design, make, and sell fake grass that can be used for any purpose. Our custom-made fake grass in Dubai adds a touch of nature and a breath of fresh air. Because our products are so good, many businesses and families always come to us first.

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You can make carpets that look like grass from high-quality synthetic fibers.

Moaned Partner, HATCO, established in 2006. It started the challenge to become a worldwide brand. It had great ideas and big trust in its vision and never compromised on quality. With 146 employees, worldwide agents, installation teams, state of an art production facility, and a 3,000,000 sqm production capacity, HATCO worked harder and harder to achieve the best quality and best products. HATCO brings cutting-edge technology equipment to its production plant. They did what is believed to be impossible, going beyond the boundaries, and finally proved that a young company can grow rapidly and accomplish worldwide references.

HATKO always launched innovative, high-performance, and unique systems, completely different than those of the others, in order to offer play comfort and longer playing hours with a low maintenance cost, in all climatic regions, whether South or North.

The key focus of HATKO is the development of safe, strong, durable, and environmentally friendly surfaces that satisfy all needs of the players and the specification of the correct artificial turf system, according to the sports characteristics.

In 2 years’ time HATCO became a FIFA Licensee, They produced, shipped, installed, and certified FIFA Recommended Pitches from South Korea to Chile, England to Nigeria, Comoros Islands, Mauritania, Morocco, and Kuwait… For Champions,

HATCO-built stadiums hosted, the 2009 FIFA U17 World Cup Quarter Finals in Nigeria, the 2010 Gulf CUP Opening Ceremonies, and the Final Game in Yemen. HATCO engineered special products OMEGA TURF for Special Projects in severe conditions, such as Ashgabat Stadium in Turkmenistan. HATCO designed extraordinary installation methods like they did in Riyadh, KSA, the world’s largest landscaping Project.Artificial Grass Artificial Grass