What are Aluminium Composite Panels?

The Aluminum Composite Panels comprise sandwich panels with two layers of aluminium and one layer of polyethylene (PE) (ACM). ACM panels are great for many indoor and outdoor uses because they don’t change size much, don’t weigh much, and look great.

ACM metal panels look good, last a long time, and weigh only half as much as aluminium. This makes them useful and popular for visual merchandising, framing, archiving, commercial interiors and exteriors, construction, and fine art.

Composition and explanation of the Aluminium Composite Panels

The STACBOND composite panel comprises two sheets of aluminium and a mineral-charged thermoplastic core.

It can be used on new and older homes that need repairs or upgrades and have ventilated facades. It is made of sheets of aluminium alloy 5005, and the inside is aluminium alloy 3105.

UNE 13501-1:2007 classifies it as either A2-s1, d0 (not flammable and fireproof) or B-s1, d0 based on the minerals in its core (not flammable and fireproof).

In a continuous lamination process, a sheet of the core material is extruded and then crushed between two unwinding sheets of aluminium. The last steps are to put a protective layer over the material, pack it down, and make it flatter.

Great for cladding outside of buildings.

Composite panels are made of two sheets of aluminium held together by a thermoplastic core, usually polyethylene. Aluminium Composite Panels are strong, making them great for cladding systems outside of a building. Architectural cladding is the process of covering the outside of a building with a different material to protect it from the weather or make it look better. Both inside and outside can be decorated with aluminium composite panels.

Uses of Aluminum Composite Panels

As has already been said, the main Uses of Aluminum Composite Panels are in vented facades, which are made with a multi-layer coating process that has great thermal efficiency and is often used to solve building insulation problems.

The strange space between the layers of the facade that let air in and out could be used to make the chimney look. This chimney keeps a steady flow of air going through the chamber, making it easier to change the temperature than other methods. During the summer, warm air is let out, and cold air is let in. The airflow is slowed down when it gets cold outside to keep the warm air inside.

Characteristics of Aluminium Composite Panels

Characteristics of Aluminium Composite Panels that make it excellent:

High dimensional stability

The composite panel stays the same shape no matter how big or small it gets. This means that it stays the same no matter how big or small it is.

Various surface treatments are available.

Because it can be treated in so many different ways, the composite panel has a lot of different looks. Depending on what you want, you can make the composite panel look like wood or a mirror.

Protected from a strike’s effects

Recent studies have shown that aluminium is a good material for building facades because it lasts long and doesn’t wear out or rust.

All materials are recyclable.

The core and the cover sheets of aluminium composite panels are made of materials that can be recycled and used again. Because of how it is made, aluminium can be used repeatedly.

Less time and effort to make.

The ways to hang aluminium composite panels are meant to make it easy to put them on the outside buildings. Just like broken cassettes can be replaced with new ones.

Light weighted.

Because it is light, aluminium is a good choice for the structure that holds up vented facades. There are many good things about using Aluminum Composite Panels.

Aluminum Composite Panels

Reasons to Use Aluminum Composite Panels

The main reasons to use Aluminium Composite Panels are explained below:

  • Aluminum Composite Panels, or ACPs, are a great way to make long-lasting new ideas.

As has already been said, aluminium composite materials make it easier to make ideas for facades that would be hard to make otherwise. You can make a useful and nice style with aluminium panels. Aluminum is not the most durable metal when used by itself, but when mixed with zinc, magnesium, and copper, it makes a great building material. Aluminium panels can be made in many shapes and sizes, and there are many ways to use them when building. Aluminium panels can be used where other materials wouldn’t work because they are more flexible. People expect aluminium composite panels to last for 30 years.

  • Other composites are much heavier than panels made of aluminium and other materials.

Aluminium is great for cladding systems because it is light and doesn’t rust. Aluminum is a good substitute for steel because it is 66% lighter than steel. Our aluminium cladding panels are among the lightest on the market. Even though they are both 3 mm thick, Alucobond panels weigh 5.9 kg/m2 more than Vitrabond panels.

  • Surprisingly, it doesn’t cost much to keep aluminium cladding systems in good shape.

Aluminium cladding systems don’t need as much maintenance as those made of wood, steel, or concrete. In a rural area, clean your Aluminum Composite Panels half as often as you would in a city, once a year in a coastal or low-rainfall area, and twice as often in a more industrialized area. Also, aluminium composite panels are easy to clean. To wash away dirt, you need a moderate amount of water pressure. If this doesn’t get the dirt off, try something else. Before you clean anything, you should talk to your distributor or contractor.

  • Not much expensive process

Making the outside of a building with Aluminum Composite Panels is a very cheap way to do it. Because the panels are light, you can connect them with fewer points, which saves time and materials. They are easy to put together and fix and don’t need as much care.

  • There are many different colors, shapes, and sizes of aluminium panels.

There are many different shapes and sizes of panels. Aluminum Composite Panels can be made by sawing, bending, punching, drilling, and profiling, among other things. They can be made in different sizes and shapes to meet customers’ needs. All panels come in a wide range of basic colors, and you can also mix and match the colors to suit your needs.

  • Panels provide more functions.

Companies like Alucobond and Vitrabond make aluminium cladding systems and panels. Many of them can be used simultaneously for more than one thing, like protecting against earthquakes and fires, insulating against heat and sound, blocking the wind, and so on. Because of some of these helpful things, energy costs decrease. You can recycle them, and they are hard to break and easy to clean. Each Aluminum Composite Panels is different, so if you want to know more about a certain panel, please contact us.

  • Aluminum is rust resistent.

First, aluminium and aluminium composites are treated to give them a protective coating that prevents corrosion. Aluminium panels don’t need a coating to prevent rust because they don’t rust in the first place. Why? Aluminium oxide, which forms when metal is exposed to air, keeps aluminium curtain walls from rusting. If your building is in a harsh environment, you must treat Aluminum Composite Panels differently and take care of them often.

  • Non-combustible material for construction

Aluminum is different from other building materials because it can’t catch fire on its own. Aluminium can melt at temperatures as high as 600 degrees Celsius but doesn’t easily catch fire. Thermoplastic cores could catch fire, especially in facades, so almost every country has banned them. Alfred is a fire-resistant Aluminum Composite Panels used to make our GM Tower. The main part is a chemical that does not contain any halogens. Because of this, it is a safe building material that doesn’t give off dangerous gases when it burns.