There are various types of Space Frame Structure classified into different types, but first, let’s know the spaceframe structure.

A Space Frame structure can be defined as a rigid, lightweight, (rigid) truss-like structure. It is constructed from interlocking struts (structural elements) in a geometric pattern. The Space frames can be used efficiently to cover huge areas with minimum interior supports.

A space frame structure’s robustness is due to its inherent rigidity of the triangle and flexing loads that are transmitted as tension and compression loads along the length of each strut.

Types of Space Frame Structure

According to Curvature

  • Flat Covers
  • Barrel Vaults
  • Spherical Domes

According to Numbers of Grid Layers

  • Single Layer
  • Double Layer
  • Triple Layer

Flat Covers:

Flat Covers


  • Spatial Structures Made of Planar Substructures
  • The planes are transmitted through the horizontal bars and the shear forces are supported by the diagonals.

Barrel Vaults

  • It has a cross-section of a simple arc
Barrel Vaults

Barrel Vaults

Spherical Domes

Spherical Domes

Spherical Domes

  • Spherical domes are made of an intricate network of steel sections
  • Typically, the use of tetrahedral modules or pyramids and additional supports are required from the skin
  • All elements are in one single layer


  • All elements are in one single layer

single layer space frame

                                                            Single Layer

Double Layer

Double Layer


                                                Double Layer

  • They usually use space frames
  • The elements are arranged in two parallel layers at a fixed distance from each other.
  • Diagonal bars linking nodes of both layers in different directions

Triple Layer

Triple Layer

Triple Layer

  • Placed in three parallel lines connected by diagonals.
  • They are mostly used for large spans



Space Frame Structure Examples

Examples of space frame structure are as follows,


We recommend you the best space frame architectures

Mosaned specializes in long–span, column-free and small to large volume space frame structures for industrial or architectural applications.

Mosaned space frame system, with its steel bars and nodes, not only distributes loads more efficiently but also provides an elegant interior that can span up to 100 m in a flat space frame or 300 m in a curved configuration.

Their projects include schools, public buildings, transportation structures, museums, corporate office buildings, and beyond.

Mosaned structures are 100% prefabricated, with easy assembled mechanical connections. The connection between tubes is mechanical and efficient and requires no welding.

The connector itself is a full-body steel node hub. The tubes are screwed and fastened at their ends to this node element. All the elements are produced either galvanized, painted, or of stainless material as per customer needs.

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