Industrial Roofing solutions in KSA have a vast amount of experience and knowledge in roofing and cladding. Our team specializes in roof sheeting, cladding, flat roofs, liquid plastics, new build, repairs, roof light replacement, asbestos maintenance and removal, gutter repairs and maintenance, storm damage, emergency repairs and annual maintenance contracts. We also arrange plant hire, netting, steel erecting and scaffolding. We have been providing the different services of roofing solution for last many years.

commercial roofing in Saudi Arabia

Moreover, There are three main types of commercial roof repair in Saudi Arabia that can be performed on roofing systems. Repairs are designed to accomplish one or more of the three goals listed below.

commercial roof repair

commercial roof repair

Emergency Roof Repairs

Emergency / responsive roof repairs are in direct response to a leak and are mean to relieve an immediate problem. This could include targeted patchwork in the field or flashing membranes, repairs at holes or splits, or storm damage.


Temporary Roof Repairs

Temporary repairs are designed to extend the life of the roof for a relatively short period of time while a more comprehensive roof management program can be developed. Repairing wind scouring or other surfacing loss, re-sealing gas pipes or electrical conduit feeds for HVAC equipment, or repairs to damaged or missing sheet metal are some typical examples of temporary repairs.

Industrial Roofing solutions in KSA

commercial roof repair

Industrial Roofing solutions in KSA

Preemptive Maintenance / Permanent Repairs

These types of repairs are intend to extend the remaining life of the roof – a Solution One Roof Maintenance Program is design exactly for this purpose. With schedule cleanings and inspections, a variety of roof maintenance products, coatings and techniques can be use to allow the existing roofing system to achieve its maximum expect service life. Replacing flashings at roof drains and other critical roof penetrations, adding saddles or auxiliary roof drains to alleviate “ponding” water, removing abandoned rooftop equipment or applying a new surface coating are examples of preemptive roof repairs that will provide years of effective additional service life at a fraction of the cost of a new roof.

we welcome you to the best roofing service provider that has worked on long and as well as short term projects(

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Retractable roofing service in Saudi Arabia

We, architectural Retractable roofing company (Retractable Roof Saudi Arabia) providing best design and layout of retractable roof for home, balcony and office in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, Us leading retractable roof dealer and manufacturer in Saudi Arabia. Also, We are providing best design and retractable roof price in Saudi Arabia. We have team of professional engineers and architect to design, layout, installation and maintenance of retractable sliding roof in Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, architectural is a trusted name in the field of retractable roofing solutions in Saudi Arabia. In addition, We are commit to provide best retractable roof solution for customer as per their requirements. Us offer retractable roof solutions for domestic and commercial market.

Furthermore, We have specific solutions for home, office and residential as well in Saudi Arabia. architectile provide innovative architectural solutions of retractable roof for terrace, home, green house, pergola, stadium, open area, patios, shops, balcony, restaurant roof, restaurant patio, houses and sport complex in Saudi Arabia. Retractable tensile structure solution is highly demanding in Saudi Arabia last few years. At last, It is cost effective and innovative for roofing.

Architectural retractable roof system

architectural retractable roof system is suitable for any rage of domestic and commercial application. Therefore, Architectural retractable roof and pergola system in useful in all weather condition in Saudi Arabia. Because, We have customized retractable roof Saudi Arabia solution for your backyard, restaurant, deck, commercial projects, stadium, shop or any other application.

We have retractable pergola roof system for indoor and outdoor areas in Saudi Arabia. Todays in modern time, Architecture roof in Saudi Arabia is highly useful in private homes, courtyard, restaurant and commercial projects. Retractable roofing is best suitable option for protection of sun and rain in city like Saudi Arabia.

Architecture retractable roof is design a way that you can operate it any weather condition in flexible way in opening and closing the system at the touch of the Button.  Retractable roof system is easy to clean and waterproof fabric system that offer 100% rain protection in Saudi Arabia.


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